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Star - Warsaw, Paris, Las Vegas

"Star - Warsaw, Paris, Las Vegas" - is a cross-section of Polish and world songs based on the career of Violetta Villas - an exceptional artist with a phenomenal voice. The performance recalls many great musical pieces and artists performing at the same time as Violetta Villas, at different stages of the star's career - from her beginnings at Polish festivals, through Paris and Las Vegas to the artist's return and performances in Poland. We will recall songs originally performed by Czesław Niemen, Stan Borys, Katarzyna Sobczyk, Irena Santor, Jerzy Połomski, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and many others. In the performance, you will see and hear excellent Sabat theatre singers, and the titular "Star" will be played by the extremely talented Dorota Ritz, brilliantly performing both opera parts and popular music - all this in the setting of the Sabat ballet, great choreography, specially prepared multimedia scenery and new musical arrangements.

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Date and time
Thursday, 06 czerwca 2024 at 7:30 pm
(dinner, show, dancing)
Friday, 13 września 2024 at 7:30 pm
(dinner, show, dancing)
The theatre reserves the right to cancel the performance two days before the event
Show: Star - Warsaw, Paris, Las Vegas

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