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Sabat Theatre

Love German

A musical and revue performance devoted to the songs of the wonderful, charismatic singer and icon of the Polish music scene, Ann German.

The most popular and characteristic pieces of the singer's artistic path have been chosen from the rich repertoire of the unforgettable songs of Anna German. They are presented in musical arrangements specially prepared by Iwo Orłowski and the Viva Ivo orchestra.

Romantic and beautiful pieces combined with a ballet setting create wonderful images and visions of art giving the songs of Anna German freshness, yet keeping their authentic atmosphere and mood.

The artists, led by Iwo Orłowski, create with great expression the mood of this performance which will remain in your memory and hearts for a long time.

During the ceremonial premiere, Anna German's husband, Zbigniew Tucholski, was present as our guest and expressed admiration and thanks for creating this spectacle.