Sabat Theatre

Ladies and gentlemen,

In 2001, realizing the dream of my life, I created the Sabat Theatre in Warsaw - the only Revue theatre in Poland.

Many years of performances with the Sabat ballet group on the stages of Europe and the World gave me my professional experience, which I decided to use to create a unique place, referring to the tradition of pre-war Revue theaters as well as the musical theaters of Broadway and Paris. This is how the Sabat Threatre was born at 16 Foksal Street in Warsaw. The entire adaptation of the devastated interiors of the former Cameral Theatre from the beginning allowed us to construct the unique Art Nouveau interior reminiscent of the atmosphere of the paintings by Toulouse-Lautrec, referring to the unforgettable period of La Belle Époque.

The inauguration of the Theatre was honoured by the symbolic cutting of the ribbon by the unforgettable actress, Hanka Bielicka.

From the very beginning, the Sabat Theatre enjoyed great popularity. We have had exceptional guests from both Poland and abroad, representatives of embassies and members of foreign delegations, business people and culture. The theater is a tangible showcase of the city, the heart of Warsaw.

I am honoured to invite you to spend a special evening at the Sabat, which you start with a glass of champagne, followed by an exquisite dinner, then a spectacular, colourful and daring dance performance with the participation of excellent singers and the famous Sabat Ballet. After the show we invite you to come up and dance on the stage of the theater, with Polish and world hits performed by our vocalists.


See you at the Sabat,



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