Małgorzata Potocka

Creator and director of the Sabat Theatre. Author of revue, stage and television productions, enjoying unwavering popularity and recognistion at home and abroad. Winner of many awards, including the Gold Cross of Merit for the promotion of Polish culture in the world. Her students dance on the stages of the most famous Parisian cabarets, such as „Moulin Rouge” or „Lido”. She's a graduate of the Warsaw Ballet School, a scholarship holder of the Broadway School of Dance and Paris Revue, an outstanding dancer, choreographer and director – the founder of the first modern dance group in Poland – Sabat, which made a rapid career and gained huge popularity. The group was a frequent guest of television programmes, participated in many concerts and shows. Originality of style, unique combination of expression and feminity quickly began to gain recognition and admiration in the international dimension. Sabat Ballet Group performed on many stages of the world presenting Polish culture. The group has performed in Vienna, Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, London, Bangkok, Rome, Stockholm and many other cities. Małgorzata Potocka's group also took part in concerts with such stars as Ray Charles, Donna Summers, The Platters and Village People. Małgorzata Potocka was a unique dancer, combining feminity with extraordinary temperament and expression. Travelling around the world with her group, she experienced many extraordinary and fascinating adventures, one of which turned out to be very dramatic. In 1985, during performances with the Sabat Ballet and Wojciech Gąssowski on board the „Achille Lauro”, the ship was abducted by Palestinian terrorists. It Was a terrifying and tragic event that affected her further life. She decided that if she survived, she would create the first post-war revue stage in her country. In 1994, on the initative od Małgorzata Potocka, Tango Club was estabilished, which became the most prestgious place in Warszaw and operated until November 1999.

In 2001, Małgorzata Potocka created the Sabat Theatre, the first and only revue theatre in Poland, in which many great performances on the highest world level were created, including the one created for Poland's accesion to the European Union, shown in Paris at the UNESCO headquarters and played in Poland under the patronage of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council, the spectacle „Kisses od Europe”, „Hollywood on Foksal”, „Revue Forever” and many others. Moreover, on the occasion of the Chopin Year, the artist prepared „Rendez vous avec Chopin” - a ballet impression on Fryderyk Chopin's piano works. In 2013, an additional operetta stage was created in the Sabat Theatre with the charmingly spectacular performance „Because It's Love”. Year 2016 was the year of the jubilee revue „The Best of Sabat”, which is a review of the biggest hits from over a dozen years of theatre activity, with the unflagging popularity played to this day. On the occasion of the year of the centenary of regaing independance, Małgorzata Potocka created the performance „The 1920' the 1930' – Vaudeville of Old Warsaw”, perfectly reflecting the spirit and beauty of the interwar hits of Warsaw's scenes in the new musical arrangements.

Małgorzata Potocka is the beating heart of the theatre. She hosts the evening at every performace. She cares for exceptional contact with the audience and continues to work hard. Sabat Theatre was created out of her passion and love for dance.

The press hailed her as the Queen of the Polish Revue.